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I could not tell how much I love this OP, it's cute and lovely patten. LT said it is limited and there is only 3 in L size !omg
I am still waiting her reply for the m size OP. I hope, I could get one. But, Winter is comeing.. may be I should get the merry go round

The original one cost 70000 yen


This feel like Kidsyoyo is becomming a large brand, she has made her own corsage.
Well, I though she is trying some classical item these days...but, well, I am still adoring her sweet items like merry go round.
The blue and pink corsage seems more suitable for summer season, but, I think it does match with the merry go round JSk.

Today, I have seen these lovely Dear Celine SK but I could not ge it  ~cry
it's sold out in 15mins.. omg
I saw that this sk could make custom in pink but, well, should I get it?
would it be too sweet for the pink one???hmmmmm

The anglie Pretty SC is on a high price, I cant understand why it cost over 60000yen orz...
Luckly, I have got the OP with the original price XD

Service: Find your Dream Dress

Dear Princess,
Today, a New Service is provided. "Find your Dream Dress"

Please tell me what you have been searching long time.
Please provide picture, your best price and email address.
Once we found it, we would inform you ASAP.


Reserved Items (Update Randamly)

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Reserved Item Means they are going to sell in the future.
I am pleased to share with all my friends what I am going to sell next.
Most of the items here are rare and has been sold out for a long time.
If you want to reserved this items, just leave a message here.
Once, I decied to sell them, I will contact you.
Don't forget to leave a email to me, otherwise, I could not contact you.

Angelic Pretty

Toy Parade Pink Jumper Skirt
Price: USD 370 Shipping: USD20

夢みるマカロン Skirt
Price: USD 280 Shipping USD 20
Size: Waist: 66cm Long: 50cm

夢みるマカロン OP + Headdress + Bag
Price: USD 500 Shipping: USD 30

magical étoile Pink Jumper Skirt
Price: USD:500 Shipping USD 20

Baby The Stars:

Marie Queen JSK
Color: Blue X White (Hold), Purple X Black (SOLD)
Price: USD300 Shipping: USD 15

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene Floral Rose Red Jumper Skirt
Price: USD 400 Shipping 15 USD
Size: Bust: 88cm, Waist: 66cm Long: 98cm

Mary Magdalene Floral Rose Blue Jumper Skirt
Price: USD 400 Shipping 15 USD
Size: Bust: 88cm, Waist: 66cm Long: 98cm

Mary Magdale Floral Jumper Skrit
Price: USD 400 Shipping: USD20
Size: Bust: 88cm, Waist: 66cm Long: 90cm

Rose color One Piece:
Price: USD 400 shipping: 20USD

Juliette et Justine
La rose d'une fee Robe
Size: Long 109㎝ Bust: 88㎝ Waist: 26cm
Price: USD 430 Shipping:USD 20

Victorian Maiden

Floral One Piece
Price: USD 200 Shipping: USD 20

Chiffon White Jumper Skirt
Price: USD 200 Shipping: USD 15


Concept of my space

Dear friends,

This blog is mainly used as selling items.
There are 3 categorues:
1. Second hand brand and non brand items
2. My handmade items
3. Never used items

The first update page would be here^^
Moreover, the selling item here is usad for record.
The latest news should be on EGL.
Thanks for intersting my space.^^
It's a superise for me.

Enjoy your dayXD